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About Us

Wealth Builders Group is a real estate management company created to identify, acquire and manage profit-driven real estate investments. We specialize in properties located in the Greater Boston area.

To this end, the company utilizes the following process:
  1. Pool investor monies in a project-driven LLC
  2. Identify an under-performing, undervalued and/or distressed income-producing real estate liability
  3. Rehabilitate, upgrade and reposition the project as a real estate asset
  4. Refinance the project or
  5. Liquidate the project via sale, exchange or other method
  6. Disperse investor capital and profit and dissolve the LLC

Wealth Builders Group utilizes the knowledge, experience and project management skills of seasoned real estate developers, managers and local market experts. Each potential project is evaluated primarily for its ability to be a profitable venture. Those meeting profitability indicators are then scrutinized in detail based on current and local market conditions.

Project LLCs are typically funded in the $250,000 to $1,000,000 range. Projects typically run from four to six months in duration. The ratio of projects considered to projects accepted is on average 60:1.